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January Promotions

The Great Escape

The Great Escape

The Great Escape begins on January 1, 2022. Pack your bags and get ready! But wait… Where are you going?! WHEREVER… YOU… WANT! The Great Escape covers your escape!
Plan your escape for 2022! Maybe you want to stay close to home or maybe you want to venture out away from everyone and just enjoy the scenery as you've never seen before.
Maybe you couldn’t be with your family for the holidays or you skipped out on your Summer vacation to be with your kids and grandkids? You could be in need of white sand, palm trees, and that turquoise hue of water splashing on a shoreline.
Are you dreaming of sitting on the rocks, of the strait that connects the San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean, watching as the world turn as people commute over the Golden Gate Bridge?

Does Mr. Dutton and Rip have you longing to experience our First National Park and gaze at the colorful hot springs, breathtaking waterfalls and get lost in every view as you turn?
Have you ever experienced the feeling of being so small while surrounded by something so big as the Grand Canyon? Maybe you want to sit and reflect while looking out across the miles of red rock and just soak in the sunshine.
Perhaps, you just want to take the kids to Disney World and enjoy the magical kingdom while they’re still young! The possibilities are endless but the answer is completely up to you! Where will the WINDS take you?! 


HWC Staycation

Not looking to travel far from home? Maybe you just want to get out of the house for a night. We have just the prize package for you! This January, we are covering the bases for you to get away and enjoy a "Staycation" at your favorite casino! 5 winners each night will receive a prize package of 2 Steakhouse dinners, 2, $75 free plays, and a 1-night stay at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites here in Miami, Oklahoma!
Spend your night out enjoying your favorite steak, take a spin on our reels, and relax just down the road from our casino! Earn entries starting January 2nd!

5 Winners Each Night! Every 10 points earned starting January 2, 2022 = 1 entry to win!
Saturday, January 8th
Saturday, January 15th
Saturday, January 22nd!

Monday & Wednesday Nights

New Year, New Fun! 2022 is now TWICE as nice for Monday and Wednesday nights!😏
Monday and Wednesday night hot seat drawings have DOUBLED!😲
Instead of $25 in cash, hot seat winners will win $50 in CASH! 😆
So, which night will we see you?!


SteakHouse Specials

Plan your visit around your favorite specials from our Steakhouse Restaurant!

Steakhouse specials
Saturdays Only  5 pm - 10 pm

Bone - In Pork Chops

Saturdays 5 pm - 10 pm
Served in January
Grilled Chops with Soy Ginger Sauce. Served with Herb Roasted Potatoes and Fresh Sautéed Vegetables.

Employee of The Year

Employee of the year

Congratulations to Bill!

The High Winds Casino 2021 Employee of the Year is Bill! Bill, has cashed out many of your jackpots over the years, done many machine upgrades and repairs. Thank you, Bill, for your many years of service! Next time you visit High Winds Casino and see Bill out on the floor, be sure to congratulate him!

New Titles Have Hit The Floor! Are you ready for a NEW experience? So many they needed a page of their own!
Cash Burst, Cash Falls, Fortune Coin and more!

New Machines!

HWC Staycation winners



Some of our Jackpot Highlights!


fu dai panda


$1,375.79 jackpot

$1.25 bet!

Royal Reels


Arkansas player transported over $39,800.00 home of Neptune's Gold.

 🤯Hitting 19 JACKPOTS over 24 hours with bets of $50!


$5,900.50 Jackpot

$7.50 bet!

Red Silk


More Jackpots!

Jackpot Highlights
1/3/22 - 1/6/22 

🚨$12,505.00 Neptunes $50.00 bet
🚨$11,688.31 Luxury Line $3.75 bet
🚨$8,460.00 Exotic Hot Winners $25.00 bet
🚨$7,200.00 Hot Red Ruby $15.00 bet
🚨$5,900.50 Red Silk $7.50 bet
🚨$5,118.00 Luxury Line $5.00 bet
🚨$5,040.00 Lucky Ducky 2 $1.25 bet
🚨$4,800.00 Hot Red Ruby $15.00 bet
🚨$3,200.00 Hot Red Ruby $10.00 bet
🚨$2,663.75 Invaders Attack Planet Moolah $3.75 bet
🚨$2,530.50 Cash Burst $7.50 bet
🚨$2,502.59 Invaders Attack Planet Moolah $3.75 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $20.00 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $10.00 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $10.00 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $10.00 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $10.00 bet
🚨$2,501.00 Neptunes $10.00 bet
🚨$2,400.00 Pieces of Eight $15.00 bet
🚨$2,400.00 Double Freedom Reels $15.00 bet
🚨$2,035.91 Enchanted Forrest $3.00 bet
🚨$1,640.90 Fu Dai Panda $1.76 bet
🚨$1,482.00 Get In The Green $5.00 bet
🚨$1,375.79 Royal Reels $1.25 bet  

Jackpot Highlights
1/7/22 - 1/9/22 

 🚨 Lucky Ducky 2 $5,040.00 $1.25 Bet
🚨 Crazy Bill $1,250.00 $1.50 Bet
🚨 Fox on the Run $2,000.00 $2.00 Bet
🚨 Dancing Drums $1,787.15 $2.88 Bet
🚨 Double Freedom Reels $2,500.00 $3.00 Bet
🚨 Gems & Jewels $1,440.00 $3.00 Bet
🚨 Luxury Line $1,254.00 $3.20 Bet
🚨 Pride of Riches $5,000.00 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Invaders Planet Moolah $3,224.77 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Planet Moolah $3,061.00 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Luxury Line $2,064.60 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Planet Moolah $1,797.25 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Luxury Line $1,215.00 $3.75 Bet
🚨 Super Star Poker $4,000.00 $5.00 Bet
🚨 Super Star Poker $4,000.00 $5.00 Bet
🚨 Luxury Line $2,482.50 $5.00 Bet
🚨 Mr. Money Bags $1,600.00 $5.00 Bet
🚨 Polar High Roller $1,600.00 $5.00 Bet
🚨 Divine Dragon $9,800.00 $9.00 Bet
🚨 Neptune's $2,250.90 $12.50 Bet
🚨 Mr. Money Bags $4,800.00 $15.00 Bet
🚨 Double Freedom Reels $4,800.00 $15.00 Bet
🚨 Hot Red Ruby $3,200.00 $20.00 Bet
🚨 Hot Red Ruby $3,200.00 $20.00 Bet
🚨 Money Link $3,000.00 $40.00 Bet  

Jackpot Winner


Mr. Money Bags

Jackpot Winner


Dancing Drums

Jackpot Winner


Get In The Green

Jackpot Winner


Double Freedom Reels

Jackpot Winner


Money Link

Jackpot Winner



Jackpot Winner


Double Freedom Reels

Jackpot Winner


Luxury Line

Jackpot Winner


Ruby's Night Out

Jackpot Winner


Pieces of Eight

Jackpot Winner


Divine Dragon

Jackpot Winner


Super Star Poker

Jackpot Winner


Luxury Line
$3.20 Bet

Jackpot Winner


88 Fortunes
$2.88 Bet

Jackpot Winner


Lucky Ducky 2
$1.25 Bet

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Final Donation Amount

to CASA !


Has been donated by our players at our Ticket Redemption Units to CASA!

Our new ticket redemption units will not provide change, however, you may opt to have a voucher printed that you may insert back into our machines, you can take them to our cashiers or you can opt to donate your change to a local charity that we have partnered with. 👏This option is only available at our Ticket Redemption Units.
The 1st organization that will be receiving your voucher change is CASA of Northeast Oklahoma. CASA, is Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children. 👩‍👦‍👦 All change donated via our Ticket Redemption Units will be used in Ottawa county.
About CASA of Northeast Oklahoma and their History
On March 5, 1995, Ryan Luke, a little boy from McAlester, Oklahoma, died from a child abuse-related head injury. Oklahomans were outraged. Many galvanized their outrage into movements to help children.
It was no different in Rogers, Mayes, Craig, Ottawa, Delaware, and Washington Counties. In memory of Ryan Luke, a group of concerned citizens wanted to ensure that children had trained citizen advocates who would visit them in person regularly and speak up when a child's best interests were not being honored. They decided to start a court-appointed special advocate program and Tri-County CASA began serving the 12th Judicial District which includes Rogers, Mayes, and Craig Counties.
For more details on CASA of Northeast Oklahoma visit their website at;

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Experience High Winds from the player's perspective!
We are happy to be one of the few casinos in the state and the first in our area to offer a place for YouTube channels to come and film their slot play!
Come inside and experience our casino from our player's perspectives as they spin the reels through the ups, the downs, and all the red screens in between. Subscribe to their channels to catch those who go live on our gaming floor and interact with them as they go from machine to machine hoping to hear that long ring of a jackpot bell!

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Polar High Roller and Mr Money bags at High Winds casino
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Our Top Fan's have an exclusive group where they've been sharing their fun at High Winds Casino. From run ups to jackpots, encouraging their fellow Top Fan's through life's hurdles and even some fun shenanigans in between. Our Top Fan player community has brought their personal excitement from our casino to everyone at home, online. In addition to our Top Fan Free Play drawings we even have some Top Fan's who live stream their play when visiting to the group!
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