New Machines!

New Machine

☘️Shamrock Fortunes Triple Coin Treasures & Long Bao Bao☘️

🪙Bet as low as $0.80 cents!

Introducing Triple Coin Treasures: a game where lively characters and three colorful pots of gold await! Watch as the pots fill up with coins, adding to the excitement of winning big. With frequent free spins and the chance to trigger multiple-colored wilds for up to seven bonuses, there's plenty of opportunities to win!

New Machine

🐷Bacon Riches - Miss Cheeky and Mr Chunky🐷

🪙Bet as low as $0.75 cents! 

Explore the world of Bacon Riches™, where chunky pigs throw the ultimate barn party! With bets starting at just $0.75, players can join in on the fun. Meet Miss Cheeky™ and Mr. Chunky™, each offering their own unique bonuses and jackpots. Watch as eggs hatch to reveal exciting cash bonuses, and enjoy Nudge Free Spins and Boost Bonuses for even more chances to win!

New Machine

🔥Ultimate Fire Link Cash Falls🔥

🎰 Exciting News! Many of you asked, and it's now here!! "Ultimate Fire Link Cash Falls Olvera Street and China Street" are now LIVE on our casino floor!

Get ready to experience the ultimate thrill as two of your slot favorites are combined. "Ultimate Fire Link Cash Falls Olvera Street" combines the best of both worlds to deliver nonstop excitement and big wins.

Here's a peak at what awaits you:
🔥 Fire Link Feature: Land fireballs and trigger the EPIC Fire Link Feature, where up to 8 rows provide the perfect setting for Multipliers and Jackpots to ignite your winnings!

💰 Cash Falls Feature: Watch as fireballs combine on the reels, paving the way for massive wins and even more chances to trigger the Fire Link Feature for epic payouts!

🎰 Free Spins: Scatter symbols launch Free Spins, where the action heats up with additional Fire Balls, Multipliers, and the thrilling Multiplier Wheel, offering endless opportunities for excitement and rewards!

Prepare to experience an unforgettable slot adventure filled with thrilling features, big wins, and the chance to hit those incredible jackpots! Head to our casino floor now and be among the first to experience the excitement of "Ultimate Fire Link Cash Falls"! 

New Machine

🐉 Double Dragon🐉 

Prepare to brave the flames and confront the mighty Dragon in our newest epic slot game! 🎰 Introducing "Dragon's Fire: Ring of Fortune" - where the Fire Ring and Free Spin features ignite the path to colossal wins!

Once the Fire Ring 🔥lands on the reels, it locks in place for three thrilling spins. Keep your eyes peeled because if a coin lands inside the fiery circle, its value and any above it cascade down, promising massive wins for intrepid players!

🎉 But the excitement doesn't stop there! Land 3 scatters to unleash the Bonus Wheel feature, where Free Spins and Jackpots await your fate. Plus, the Bonus Wheel determines the height of the reels in the Epic Bonus Round, adding an extra layer of anticipation to your adventure!
🐉 Are you ready to face the Dragon and claim your fortune? 

New Machine

🐸 Stuffed Coins Toad 🐸

Hungry for a hit? Dive into the action with Stuffed Coins Toad™! This thrilling slot experience offers a 2-level linked progressive game with 243 Ways to win. Trigger bonus events like the Re-Spin Feature, Mystery Multiplier Feature, and Big Coin Feature for the chance to win big. With bets starting at just $0.88 cents, get ready to indulge in the riches of Stuffed Coins!

New Machine

🐲 Dragon's Law - Fortune Bags 🐲

Embark on an adventure with Dragon's Law Fortune™! This game features a triple bonus mechanic and symbol-driven progressive jackpot chance, lucky dragons, and captivating animation effects. Trigger free game events with yin-yang symbols and enjoy three distinct features based on their colors. Dragon's Law Fortune offers an abundance of excitement—are you ready to fill your bags with bets as low as $0.88 cents?

New Machine

💸 Mega Money Catch™ 💸

Step into the swirling world of Mega Money Catch™ and experience the thrill of chasing dollar bills! With bets starting as low as $0.60, dive into the frenzy as dollar bill symbols line the reels across 15 lines. Keep an eye on the growing bags of money above the reels, triggering thrilling bonus events like Jackpot Money Catch, Extended Money Catch, and Mystery Money Catch. Don't miss your chance to enter the Money Catch™ event, where you'll have 30 picks to collect credits by tapping dollar bills. Ready to see how much you can catch?

New Machine

🏮Extreme Wild Lanterns & Stars🏮

Bet as low as $0.75 cents
Introducing Extreme Wild Lanterns, a thrilling slot game experience that promises non-stop excitement and plenty of opportunities to win big! Say goodbye to the frustration of waiting endlessly for bonuses and running out of credits too quickly – Extreme Wild Lanterns is here to keep the adrenaline pumping and the wins rolling in.
One of the standout features of Extreme Wild Lanterns is its unique triple feature bonus, which you fill up as you play. This means you'll be constantly engaged as you work towards triggering the bonus, ensuring that every spin is filled with anticipation and excitement.
But that's just the beginning. Extreme Wild Lanterns takes things to the next level with a dice roll mechanic that adds random wild symbols to the reels, increasing your chances of landing lucrative line hits. With every roll of the dice, the potential for big wins grows, keeping players on the edge of their seats with every spin.
And when you finally do trigger the free game bonus, get ready for an even more exhilarating experience. The reel set expands during the free games, offering even more ways to win and ensuring that the excitement never stops.
With its action-packed gameplay, frequent line hits, and innovative features, Extreme Wild Lanterns is the perfect choice for players who crave excitement and big wins without the frustration of waiting endlessly for bonuses. So why wait? Give Extreme Wild Lanterns a spin today and see why it's the ultimate slot machine game for thrill-seekers everywhere!

New Machine


Bet as low as $0.60 cents!
It's Alive! 😱Frankenstein, the latest slot game from Bally brings the iconic title to life in an immersive and thrilling experience. With its cutting-edge contour design, revolutionary fiber-optic lighting, and advanced animations, players will be transported into the eerie world of Frankenstein's monster like never before.
At the heart of Frankenstein lies a key feature that adds excitement and anticipation to every spin: the "It's Alive!" symbols. When one or more Frankenstein monster symbols appear alongside them, these symbols hold the power to award credits and jackpots, creating electrifying moments of suspense as players chase after monstrous wins.
But that's not all – keep an eye out for the "power up" symbol, which can multiply various payouts displayed on the screen, enhancing the potential for big wins and keeping players on the edge of their seats with every spin.
And for those brave enough to delve deeper into the darkness, landing three scatter symbols unlocks the gates to free games, offering players the chance to spin the reels without risking any credits while still having the opportunity to unearth spine-chilling wins.
With its captivating theme, immersive design, and thrilling features, Frankenstein is sure to become a favorite among classic horror movie fans and gaming enthusiasts alike. So dare to enter the haunted laboratory and unleash the power of Frankenstein's monster in this electrifying slot game experience.

New Machine

🪭Golden Beasts and Golden Elements 🪭

Bet as low as $0.60 cents!
Introducing Golden Beasts™, where the majestic atmosphere of the four auspicious beasts comes to life in an exhilarating gaming experience.
At the heart of Golden Beasts™ is the Pot Feature, which offers players the chance to win big with every coin landed. Above the reels, four Pots grow incrementally with each coin, promising lucrative rewards. Players can be awarded up to 5 free games when a coin flies into the corresponding Pot. During these free games, symbols featuring the beast associated with the triggered Pot are upgraded to the coveted Golden Dragon symbol, enhancing the potential for brilliant wins.
But the excitement doesn't end there. The Add Wild Feature adds an extra layer of thrill by randomly triggering Wild symbols on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, boosting players' chances of hitting winning combinations.
For those seeking even greater rewards, the Super Spin Feature offers the chance to win multiple Pots before collecting 180 coins. Once triggered, this feature continues until Free games are awarded, providing ample opportunities for players to rack up impressive wins.
But perhaps the most thrilling aspect of Golden Beasts™ is the Brilliant Fortune Feature, where players can uncover Jackpots, Multipliers, and Credit Prizes by picking ingots. With three initial picks and the chance to reset picks every time a Grand or Major prize is revealed, players have the potential to claim massive rewards and unlock the game's ultimate treasures.
With its captivating theme, innovative features, and potential for dazzling wins, Golden Beasts™ is set to become a must-play on any casino floor. Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse players in this mesmerizing world of fortune and majesty.

New Machine

🧨Caifu Zhi Wu "Fuse Blast"🧨

Bet as low as $0.88 cents!
Introducing Caifu Zhi Wu™ Video Slots, where fiery energy meets captivating Asian themes! Get ready to experience the thrill of the Fuse Blast™ Feature and the excitement of the Fiery Respin™ Bonus. This game is designed to keep players on the edge of their seats as they watch the fuse burn down, eagerly awaiting the explosive finale!
In the Fuse Blast™ Feature, players will be thrilled as they witness the fuse burning down, building anticipation with every passing moment. And when the fuse finally reaches its end, get ready for an explosive blast of winnings!
But the excitement doesn't stop there. With the Fiery Respin™ Bonus, players have the chance to lock in their winnings and respin for even more rewards. It's a heart-pounding feature that adds an extra layer of excitement to every spin.
And let's not forget about the four jackpots available in Caifu Zhi Wu™ Video Slots. With every spin, players have the chance to hit it big and walk away with one of these fantastic jackpots, adding even more excitement and anticipation to the gameplay.

New Machine

🎰Mr. Money Bags Makes A Mint 🎰

A beloved classic embarks on a new adventure, as Mr. Money Bags Makes A Mint™ invites you to play his way. Famous Red Screen Free Spins are back with three exciting features that can trigger Super Red Screen Free Spins, and the same gameplay as the Hunt Universe promises loads of excitement. Stick with Mr. Money Bags because he knows the score.

Trigger Red Screen Free Spins with "MULTIPLIER," "MONEY BAGS," and/or "EXPANDED REELS" on a reel and win a Super Red Screen Free Spins. Each feature can trigger by itself, or you can mix and match to MAKE A MINT.

When active, the Multiplier feature will apply a multiplier to the next win.

When active, "Cash-on-Reels" are added to the reels! They can contain credits or jackpots! These symbols pay anywhere.

When active, the height of the reels expands to 6 high, and the line count doubles to 40

New Machine

🎰 Neptunes Gold Wheel 🎰

Take the helm in the search for more diamonds playing The Hunt For Neptune's Gold Wheel™. The hunt for undersea treasure has never been more thrilling, featuring an amazing $100K progressive jackpot, along with more Red Screen Free Spins and diamonds with an exciting wheel.

Collect diamonds faster with the Gold Wheel bonus.
More of the red spins that players enjoy
More diamond hunt goodness with a new wheel

New Machine

🎰Silver Dollar Shootout Showdown 🎰


Silver Dollar Shootout Showdown™ is an exciting new expansion of the Silver Dollar saga. With an impressive $100K progressive jackpot, Red Screen Free Spins, a Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' Bonus, and a Gold River Canyon Bonus, take your shot at saving Sally and walking away with some silver.

Fill all slots in the right wheel to trigger
Fill all slots in the left wheel to trigger
Player-favorite red screen mystery free spins
Navigate to win prizes and rescue Saloon Sally

New Machine

🧨Pinata Pays🧨

Bet as low as $0.80 cents! 

What's a party without a pinata?!
Bet as low as $0.80!
Introducing our newest machines to arrive on our casino floor! Pinata Pays brings the fun of the party, awarding you cash instead of candy!
Enjoy pinata-themed bonuses once your pinata has been filled with coins, then be ready to smash your way through free spins and pursue four jackpots of mini, minor, major, and grand! 

New Machine

The Firecracker Machine, as you all have called it! 
Bet as low as $0.88 cents! 

Luck, fortune, and blazing-fast action abound in this classic Asian Festival series that takes the best from classic titles like Fu Dai Lian Lian and Mighty Cash Ultra to push the game to a whole new level of excitement. Featuring three unique styles of Hold & Spin bonuses that can be combined to triple the fun, the Bao Zhu Zhao Fu series delivers an explosive game experience.

New Machine

🧙‍♀️Potion Pays🧙‍♀️
Bet as low as $0.75 cents

Potion Pays is a spellbinding title from the effervescent Bubble Mania™ family. Select your denom and brew up the potion to pursue these progressive jackpots. The game's sassy, smiling witch does some profitable alchemy to conjure up a persistence game chase as bubbles randomly appear throughout the reels and screen. Players can initiate the interactive Bubble Pick bonus, where they can win between 30 and 70 chances to pop bubbles and reveal prizes. Potion Pays Free Spin Bonus promises a minimum of 10 free spins and features reel expansion when the bonus symbol appears 3 times. Potential to retrigger bonuses summon the possibility of mystical rewards.

New Machine

Pillars of Cash

Bet as low as $0.80 cents! 

Pillars of Cash has a true persistence feature connected to each pillar above the reels. Cash on reels prizes get added to the pillar, push the pillar up a step, and start a three-spin counter. If another cash-reel prize appears within the three spins, the pillar moves another step up, and the counter resets.
Get the pillar all the way up to the dragon, the prize is won, and the pillar resets in both position and reward. If the counter expires, the pillar moves down the reels, pushing it farther away from that prize. The pillars are persistent to a specific bet. Free games feature the pillars shift to being connected to the flat jackpots and are now a random event as part of the free games. 

New Machine

Bet as low as $0.88 cents!

Triple Supreme Xtreme combines Match 3 Jackpot, Choose Your Volatility Free Games, and Hold & Spin into one action-packed triple feature. Choose a multitude of options for Free Games on different reel sizes. The power of three is supreme, and the only thing better is when it's Xtreme.

New Machine

Bet as low as $0.75 cents! 

Huff N' More Puff has landed in Area 51 by our Steakhouse entrance! Because of popular demand from our Huff n' Puff players, we now bring the latest title from this slot favorite! Now, this favorite brings a new Wheel Feature where bigger and better Huff n'Puff features can be won! It also includes the hold and spin feature, allowing players to upgrade their prizes!

New Machine

Ultimate Fire Link China Street! 🏮
Bet as low as $0.50 cents! 

You can find these new titles back by our event room curtains! Get ready to reignite an old flame with this popular casino favorite title! This Chinese-themed slot machine is dripping with good luck and fortune, from its fortune cookie icons to its progressive jackpot winnings. Spin through icons of Chinese culture to create pay lines and win prizes. This 5-row, 3-reel slot from Light and Wonder offers bright and colorful icons against a rainy street backdrop. Wonder the Hong Kong streets to find the lantern-shaped wild symbol, for instance, which will substitute for any potentially winning icon to create more pay lines. The Free Spins feature is also triggered by finding a scatter symbol on reels 2, 3, and 4 and will offer free spins and multipliers.
Then there is the Fire Link feature, triggered by four or more fireballs appearing on the board and offering a chance at winning the Mini, Minor, Major, and Mega jackpots.  


Get ready to PUSH our buttons. PUSH our coins and GRAB your way through this exciting NEW gaming experience! 🆕️
High Winds Casino is excited to announce that we are the FIRST casino in the far northeastern corner of Oklahoma to bring you the newest level if gaming technology!😎
The Treasure Wave Coin Pusher Slot Machine and The Claw from Aries Technology are NOW LIVE on our gaming floor! These machines are packed with exciting bonus features and fun surrounding you! Watch our video below to get ahead of the game and know everything there is to know about the newest arrival to our gaming floor!

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