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April & May 


Over $200,000 Up For Grabs!
Saturday nights in April and May!

Are you ready to feel the wind of a CASHNADO?!
Get ready to join us on Saturday nights during April and May as hot seat winners will take shelter in our cash machine for a Cashnado experience!

Each winner gets a thrilling 20-second dash to grab as much of the flying $2,500.00 of CASH as they can. From their knees to their head, it's fair game! But remember, no stuffing money into pockets—it's all about the thrill of the chase.

📅 Mark your calendars for Saturdays in April and May, from 7 pm to 11:30 pm, where ten lucky hot seat winners will be drawn one by one from 7 pm onwards. To be eligible, simply be actively playing with your Club Card inserted and earn at least ten same-day points.

Cash Machine Rules

• Players may only win once per drawing night. However, they may also be a designee for another Hot Seat winner up to one (1) time.
• Cash Machine runs for 20 seconds.
• The winner may grab flying money and hold it or hold it against their body (anywhere from above their knees to the top of their head). They can NOT put money inside any pockets or clothing.
• Winner must NOT grab below their knees, above their head, or from the glass or walls.
• After the 20 seconds, when the machine stops, they may continue to catch falling money (as long as they do not grab it below their knees) and then step outside the cash machine and drop all money caught onto the floor next to the machine. (Money, if any, that falls out of the machine while the winner exits is not awarded.)
• Cash Machine should stay shut and locked in between drawings.
• There is (one) $1 Bill in the machine. It is worth $100 in Free Play (but not $1 in cash, Free Play only)

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